Target group(TG) description

The Target group is: 60 people (K36/M24), the so-called NEET category that: do not work (they are unemployed or economically inactive) and do not participate education in stationary or part time mode(first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies, third-cycle studies) and do not participate in trainings (up to 4 weeks before starting the project) and are aged 18-35 (on the day of starting  participation in the project).

At least 50% of these people - 30 people (K18 / M12) are people belonging to at least one of the following groups:

  • people having been sentenced or experienced to juvenile detention centers, young offenders' homes, youth education centers, youth sociotherapy centers, foster care - 3rd floor,
  • people with disabilities;
  • people who left the education system prematurely;
  • durably unemployed people.


Description of the participants' background

TG will be recruited from Ostrołęka, Lublin , Puławy municipality and Ostrołęka, Lublin, Puławy County. This environment is characterized by a huge number of young people belonging to the NEET group. In addition, a large part of the group in question are people who are  not registered in the Labor Offices. These are people who do not receive any support, do not appear in the records, statistics and only deepen the process of skills, competences, opportunities on the labour market becoming obsolete.


The main objective of the project is:

raising the professional ad key competences among the group of 54 people aged 18-35 belonging to the NEET group from Ostrołęka, Lublin, Puławy County through the implementation of a comprehensive program involving the activation of professional experience during the internships in Cyprus during the period from 1.01.2018 to 31.10.2019 r


Main results:

  1. a) The number of people who have acquired professional or key competence or after leaving the program – 54 people (32 F and 22 M)
  2. b) The number of people supported under international mobility program - 60 people (36 F and 24 M)